The Party Game Where Anything Can Happen!

What's HHOTR?

Hip Hop on the Rocks trivia game is an exciting fun fast paced trivia party game. About music, T.V. shows, comedy sports and kicks from the 70ʼs through present and can be played anywhere.

Player(s) can choose one of the categories listed on the die and play solely on that category. The numerical die will only be rolled if a player/team answers incorrectly. They will match the number listed within the TURN UP Menu card which are dance, sing, drink or who dat?. If the numerical die lands on an odd number player(s) will have a beverage of their choice. If the die lands on an even number players will either dance, sing, or who dat? (impersonate anyone) with the use of the timer.


The first player/team to collect all six tile letters spelling out the words HIP HOP wins the game.


  • 2-4 players or 2-4 teams with an unlimited numbers on each team.

  • Players may have a drink of their choice if you choose to drink alcohol, you must be 21 years of age.

They Love Us!

  • “Hip Hop On The Rocks is the ultimate party game, everyone was excited to get involved. It was so hard not to shout out every answer I knew!”
    Monica, 25, Syracuse, NY
  • “Now that my Uncle finally learned how to Dougie, he won’t stop playing the game!”
    Brittany, 19, Brooklyn, NY
  • “Hip Hop On The Rocks is the ideal game for a group of all age ranges. Everyone teamed up together to fill each other’s weaknesses”
    Arlene, 33, Jersey City, NJ
  • “Everyone was pumped to get their answers wrong just to play the Turn-Up card! I loved seeing everyone singing and having such an unforgettable time together.”
    Taylor, 35, Binghamton, NY

Get To Know Us!

Hi, weʼre Mogul Mommies Inc. an independent game development start up company in New York City. Weʼre passionate and dedicated young company. We pour our hearts and souls into the what we create. Not only are we focused on making interesting ideas reality weʼre focused on introducing new ways to play in the game space. We strive to bring our players really special games to enjoy and aim that youʼll have an incredible safe experience.


Our mission is to bring great games and entertainment to everyone. If interested in having us host a game event, or for other inquiries, email us.